-Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.-

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009



Oh these words are true. I see clouds can't fly as high as you. These birds can't sing like you do. And I feel things that feel like you. It makes no sense, I know.
We've all come crawling back once, with past words brewing in our mouths like rabies. My legs are burning right behind your smoking brain. I apologize for my speeding, I've been rushing back and forth between a path I swore I knew.
And I'm naked once again before your eyes, baring all my scars and my muscles as well. They're the presents that I bring: the beats inside my chest & the clocks and wheels beneath my skull. We're dancing, together. I stumbled over you, I'm sorry. We're dancing again. Time is a swooning crescent and it fall upon our heads. Welcome to our next years. But I'm willing to hide, I'm willing to fight. Even though my thoughts are swollen and my jaw is aching.
Beneath my clothes I'm growing pale.

Some very old self portraits. "Static" 2005

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